A new hospital for Hillingdon

Our vision is to provide a state-of-the-art hospital for the residents of Hillingdon, and beyond, which supports the very best in delivery of healthcare.

The new hospital will be a digitally enhanced building which is sustainable and fit for the future. It will provide the same range of services that we have now, but with improvements made possible by modern, purpose-built facilities.

Same mix of services that are currently available at Hillingdon Hospital

Built in the same location (next to the current hospital)

The hospital will remain open during construction

This exhibition provides information on our plans to build a new hospital for Hillingdon and supports the planning application we have now submitted to Hillingdon Council.

If you have any further questions for the project team, please email thh.redevelopment@nhs.net or click on the button below to give any thoughts.

Before and after aerial view of the proposed plans

Key benefits

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New hospital that embraces emerging technologies and digital opportunities.

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Easy routes through the hospital for staff, patients and visitors.

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Supporting patient wellbeing with excellent, modern care facilities in a state-of-the-art building.

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Designed with a flexible and adaptable layout to accommodate potential future upgrades.

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Welcoming, home-from-home, patient wards with natural light and views.

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Incorporating a mobility hub providing access to a wide range of transport options.

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Designed to seamlessly fit into the local environment and enhance the local area.

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Extensive outdoor spaces and attractive public landscaping.

The existing hospital

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in North West London provides health services at two hospitals in the Borough of Hillingdon, Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital. Hillingdon Hospital is the main site for the Trust and serves the residents of Hillingdon as well as parts of Ealing, Harrow, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

The current Hillingdon Hospital is an old building with parts of the estate built in the 1940s as as emergency wartime accommodation. Some of the older wards have become unsafe and have been closed to protect patients and staff.

80% of the hospital building will require major repair or replacement soon. Works have been undertaken and more are planned to enable us to continue providing services safely in the short term. However, if we were to undertake all the necessary repairs required, it would cost cost us over £200m and many of the repairs would not be long term solutions.

For our patients, the maze-like layout of the current site makes it difficult to get around and the condition of buildings can make the experience of being in hospital more difficult. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated the Hillingdon Hospital in 2018 as inadequate (the trust overall is currently rated as “requires improvement”). Contributory factors include maintenance, infection control and capacity issues, which are a direct result of the physical constraints of the legacy estate. The site layout and state of disrepair can also make it difficult for our staff to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as they would like.

These issues contribute to the Trust’s financial deficit and hinder our mission to provide high quality, safe and compassionate care to improve the health and wellbeing of the people we serve. It is clear that there is an urgent need for significant investment to redevelop Hillingdon Hospital.

New hospital

At the heart of our proposals is a shared vision of providing improved access to better healthcare services for the community in a new fit-for-purpose local hospital on the existing Hillingdon Hospital site.

We will provide the same range of services that are currently available at the hospital, but in a high quality, purpose-built facility. In designing the new facility, we are working with our partners across the health and social care system to improve the integration of care across the borough and beyond.

The current hospital has a mix of ward sizes and 28% of beds are single rooms. In the new hospital, in line with national guidance, we anticipate wards will have four bedded bays with a minimum of 70% single rooms on each ward. This includes one isolation bed per ward. An increased number of single rooms enables improved infection prevention and the mix of wards and side rooms supports patient choice where possible.

Large multi-functional treatment rooms will be provided which can be used for consultations and day case procedures for a range of specialities.

This will enable more patients to be seen as day cases which helps people to be treated more quickly and prevents unnecessary admission.

There are many services which make up the urgent and emergency care floor including some surgery and gynaecology, a frailty unit, same day emergency care, emergency assessment, resuscitation, and acute mental health.
Services are being re-designed so that they are all on one, easily accessible floor to improve patient flows through the department. Patients will be clearly directed to the services they need and will have convenient access to all diagnostic and specialist services.
In the new building, there will be diagnostics – such as CT scans, ultrasound and plain film x-rays – located within the emergency department. This will mean faster access to diagnostics and reduce the need for patients to be sent across the hospital during their assessment. It is also beneficial for future pandemic planning as it provides a second diagnostic area within the hospital.

In addition to a new labour ward, we are planning for a standalone midwife led unit that will operate in line with modern best practice.

The midwife-led unit will have its own identity and space but co-located to the labour ward to allow seamless and safe transfer of women when this is needed.

A new, larger, critical care unit will be located alongside a high dependency unit. This will ensure that our sickest patients can be quickly and easily moved to ensure they are always in the best possible place to meet their needs.

Children and young people will have dedicated areas throughout the hospital.

The new build will see the development of separate, bespoke ward facilities for adolescents and younger children who need to stay in Hillingdon Hospital.

This will mean older children have a separate in-patient area to that of our younger patients, allowing an appropriate social space as well as the facilities to continue their education whilst in hospital.

There will also be specially designed cubicles to treat children and young people in the emergency department as well as dedicated out-patient and day care areas.

In the new hospital we will have more MRI scanners and CT Scanners which will support one stop visits. It will also ensure we have adequate imaging equipment to keep up with the growth in need for access to diagnostic imaging for elective care.


What is a Masterplan?

A Masterplan is an overarching document which is used to structure development. Masterplans are about setting out a vision for an area undergoing change and a strategy for implementing that vision. Developing a masterplan is a collaborative process between landowners and stakeholders, who work together to decide objectives and priorities for development.

The design, which responds to the clinical needs of the hospital, will incorporate natural, long-lasting materials, ensuring the building will age gracefully.

The building work will take place in phases so the hospital and its usual services will remain open.

Below are the key points that underpin our masterplan for the new Hillingdon Hospital:

The layout is designed to ensure that the right clinical services are next to each other, with relevant support services close by.

In-patient floors will be higher up to maximise natural light and to provide views. Areas of high footfall such as the urgent and emergency care department and out-patients will be on lower floors to enable easy access.

The new hospital will be located centrally on the site to reduce impact on neighbours. It has been designed to nestle sensitively into the streetscape and enhance the local environment.

The design is flexible and future-proof, allowing for potential future expansion.

A multi-storey car park is conveniently located providing direct access into the hospital. There will also be electric vehicle charging points and adjacent cycle storage.

The extensive open space will positively contribute to the local streetscape and provide a valuable community asset.

The design will incorporate natural, long-lasting materials, ensuring the building will age gracefully.

The hospital will also be pandemic-resilient and include important features such as separate pathways and easy access to outdoor spaces.

Approach to design

The new Hillingdon Hospital will provide vast improvements in the experience for patients, staff and visitors alike. There will be clearly designated entrances, well designed flows throughout the building and it will be easy to find your way around.

The areas with higher footfall, including outpatients and urgent and emergency care services will be located on lower floors to make it more accessible for patients. In-patient floors will be higher up to maximise natural light and views. The modern building will provide a hotel-like, home-from-home experience in a modern, clean, well-lit building.

In line with the NHS national priorities, the new hospital design encompasses a high degree of standardisation and will use Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to ensure effective and fast track delivery of a high-quality building. The materials we are choosing will reflect surroundings so the buildings can enhance the local environment. All materials are naturally low maintenance and will therefore retain a high-quality appearance for decades to come.

Improved open space

We will create an attractive and healthy environment for our patients, staff and local residents. Our masterplan includes a network of public open spaces including a central green space, civic square, children’s play area and community space.

The new hospital will be designed to maximise natural light throughout the building. Rooftop healing gardens will provide respite for our patients and courtyards and pocket parks with new tree planting and soft landscaping will feature throughout, creating pleasant spaces to relax and socialise. We are also seeking to create a vibrant atmosphere of complementary public amenities and easy access to transport.

Outdoor space at the new hospital


Our plans will ensure that the development is convenient and well-connected for everyone. Extensive transport modelling, completed pre and during Covid, has enabled us to understand how people access the hospital and to reflect this in our plans.

A new multi-storey car park, with direct access into the hospital, will provide around 780 parking spaces dedicated to hospital use. We will also retain 150 surface level spaces to the east of the new hospital, taking the total number of parking spaces to 930.

Our transport plans centre around the development of a mobility hub – a key part of our sustainability agenda, supporting the use of alternative transport methods and helping to reduce private car use where possible. The mobility hub will provide access to cycle storage, e-bikes and scooters, our on-demand car club bays and will include electric vehicle charging points.

We will also work to enhance existing public transport links by providing improved bus infrastructure with live passenger information on the ground floor at the mobility hub and new bus stops on Pield Heath Road and Colham Green Road.

The Trust are working with both Transport for London and Hillingdon Council to seek improvements in the public transport infrastructure and improved public transport links within the borough.


Our designs respond to government net zero carbon targets to create a building that is fully sustainable. We will use sustainable and green sources of energy, ensure the building is energy efficient and include other appropriate methods such as solar panels. As part of the wider project, there will be woodland and green spaces around the hospital.

The new mobility hub is designed to help meet sustainability targets by encouraging for environmentally friendly methods of travel. This includes providing a home for our own vehicle fleet, which aims to be fully electric in the future as part of our drive toward Net Zero Carbon. The redevelopment will also deliver a network of dedicated footpaths, cycle paths and onward connections around the hospital and provide over 300 long-stay cycle parking spaces and over 50 short-stay cycle parking spaces.

Managing construction

During construction, we will have a 24/7 point of contact, displayed around the construction site, to ensure that residents and patients can get in touch with any queries relating to the works.

The construction will create employment opportunities for the local area.

We will use a satellite-controlled vehicle management system which means that construction vehicles only access the site when required and when there is space. This ensures that any traffic accessing the site causes minimal disruption to local roads. Construction vehicles will also use a haul road through the site that is completely separate from other road users.

As part of the construction process, we will prepare a construction management plan. This will ensure the current hospital can be kept running safely and can continue to be fully operational without interruption whilst the new hospital is being built.

A new community in Hillingdon

In addition to building excellent healthcare services, this redevelopment provides an opportunity to deliver much needed housing for residents across the borough. This could include key worker housing in close proximity to the hospital and a significant number of affordable homes.

When the new hospital opens, the land occupied by the current hospital will be cleared. In identifying the best use for that land, we have first worked with our health and care partners to identify whether there are any health and care services which could be provided in the areas of the site which will not be used by the new hospital.

That exercise has been completed and our planning permission includes our plans for the new hospital and transport, as well as the potential for housing on the unused land.

The masterplan includes a proposal for three areas of housing, in keeping with the surrounding areas, and providing around 320 properties, predominantly 2-3 bed houses, which responds to the demand for property in the area.

Have Your Say

If you have any further questions for the project team, please email thh.redevelopment@nhs.net or click on the button below to give any thoughts.

We hosted a webinar on Thursday 1st July from 6.00-7.00pm to give you a chance to meet the project team, hear more about the proposals and ask any questions you may have.

Next steps

Thank you for taking the time to view our exhibition outlining our vision for a new Hillingdon Hospital.

We've received a great deal of really useful feedback on our plans from colleagues at the council, in central governement and other stakeholders.

In order to better incorporate all these views into our plans, we will be submitting our planning application in April next year.

In early 2022, we will be sharing our updated plans and we'd love to hear what you think of them. We’ll have more information about these events on our website.

We are working through the phases of the project and have completed out Clinical Services Strategy, Health Infrastructure Plan and Strategic Outline Case. The next step we are working towards is a planning application under the Outline Business Case

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